Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kris L's antics.

KL is a Honda freak.

His current Honda should be his 5th.

Even his Dad had to buy a CRV rather than other SUVs.

And of course he is always corny, bordering annoying with his "dry" sense of humor he calls jokes.

Out of the blue, I got this sms from him:

KL: I saw a Kia Canival.... PES74 = pesta. Cool :)

Attempting to annoy him:

M: I saw a Honda... PES7 = PEST. Bloody annoying.

He went:

KL: I saw a dick on wheel - PEN15

M: I seriously know the car, and the last time I saw it was a Honda. I swear!

And the classic KL went:

KL: Do you swear by the moon and the stars in the sky

I immediately gave up.

I continued doing my minutes to be emailed to Perth.


red planet said...

i got d same sms .. didn't bother replying .. by the was PEN15 and PER15 are my friends !!


shemeq said...

red planet:

i certainly know who they are.