Monday, May 18, 2009

I was at KLIA earlier.

I spotted some airlines passengers with mask on their faces because of the latest swine flu scared.

It made me nervous, really.

It’s no fun to travel for work.

It’s even more no fun to travel when I feel vulnerable with fatal germs flying around.

That’s not the only bad part. It was raining when we took off. Typically KL Kuantan enroute Kuantan is quite rough. The rain was heavy and the ride was really rough. So rough, they didn’t even serve drinks.

We safely landed – not before a rough touched down.

I remember my brother who is a pilot told me once that it is a safety procedure to land hard when it rains to ensure the grip on the tarmac to avid skidding or overshooting.

So the hard landing was on purpose – it’s slightly scary, but It’s for our safety.

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pretty said...

thank you for that info, i never thought of that!