Thursday, May 07, 2009

My recent trip to Kuala Terengganu coincided with my friend RII’s trip training for Endurance (horseback) Riding competition end of this month.

We made a deal to have lunch together and fly back on the same flight.

My brother was quite punctual, so I reached the airport first.

I had a ciggie at the entrance with an official, to kill time basically. By the way, Terengganu airport has major design flaw – I wrote about this before, so lets not get there.

RII soon arrived, sister was driving with his mom and dad. I saw him saying goodbye to his mom and hugged and kissed his dad before saying goodbye.

I miss mine.


Anonymous said...

KT airport is a huge letdown for me, while from afar the design seems to be 'okay-lah' (by my standard at least), the finishing and the materials used are substandard, and the interior is not modern at all,it is plain and it is boring, it has no airport ambience, stupid airport contractor! wak perabih pitih jer!


shemeq said...

crushhio: i couldn't agree more. what really pissed me off is - here we are having the opportunity to build a spanking new airport with a huge budget - and yet we do not leverage on it.
i blame it all on mat deris from Besut - historically a colony of Kelantan.
pitih banyok, tapi bengong.