Thursday, May 03, 2007

Keramaian di Loteng@Jalan Bangkong

Again, great parties at the AtticKL@Bangsar.

The first party on Saturday nite, the celebrity bar tender was Dr. K, an eye surgeon. He was sharply dressed in white shirt like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktails. I managed to get the first drink but the second one never arrived.

He was sweating while complaining the A/C was not working.

The A/C was working.

ATan: K is not used to so much attention!

K admitted to me: This is more difficult than an eye surgery!

A few nights later the celebrity bartender was a sleek looking airline pilot. He attended the bar like a pro. I was impressed. I guess that was easy compared to flying an Airbus A320.

The name of the cocktail that nite was In Bed with KC.

A naughty friend of mine commented: The cocktail is definitely better.

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