Sunday, July 19, 2009

A tour - Not quite lonely planet materials.....

Just better....


Don't think anybody else could do the job. Fun job, as long as you click. And we CLICK all right!

Perhaps we have A common denominator.

I saw the city from BT, a local, born and bred in Bandaraya Kuching. A mixed of 30% Malay, the rest is a mix of Brit and Bidayuh in one Sarawakian body, and brain.

Dang! There are so many things I don't know about them.

BT enlightened me for more than an hour sitting on the jetty of Pengakalan Sapi overlooking Kuching skyline and its Waterfront.

If BT was not lying or exaggerating - of course he didn't...

The state government of Sarawak, the public administrative aspect of this land of horn(y)bills, is actually quite solid as they have been keeping that part of British heritage quite well. I am beginning to think, the one we have in Semenanjung is highly diluted and corrupted to a certain degree.


having said that I don't think they are 100 % spic and span either, but just better.

They know how to share POWER.

After all, some of us believe that POWER is HERITAGE

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