Monday, July 06, 2009


I wrote this for my Alumni forum, and some of my friends shed tears......

Like I said in my FB status update - FRIENDSHIP is LOVE.

Dear Friends,

This is what crossed my mind when I was driving home after the reunion dinner. It might sound a bit emotional, but, it is straight form my heart. ☺

Dear Yard (Prof. Dr AMZ),

Who ever appointed / selected / elected you as the head-boy of SMTSP more than 25 years ago certainly had a vision of things to come.

I am deeply touched with you and your role as a head-boy. It’s amazes me – since school really! To think of if, you were not only the head boy or just our leader only in school, you are still our head-boy when all of us (SMTSP ’84) are in the 40’s.

To think of it, perhaps you were born to be a head-boy - a head-boy for life.

It is not my intention to undermine efforts done by our beloved friends like HRL, MM, HH, AA, FM, S and the rest of the gang who deserve credit for the success of the reunion, but your effort quite visibly outstanding than the rest of us and it deserves a special mention, as far as I am concerned.

Kudos – to you and the gang!

What I see in you is - and I think most of us have the same view - you are still our “leader” who bond and glue all of us closely together since Behor Pulai. Without your initiative (and some others’), I think most of us would have been drifted apart in our own endeavors in life, work and family and other sets of new friends and acquaintances.

The weekend was such a humbling experience to me. Probably one of the most humble experience in my life.

The old boys, and girls and even the teachers of SMTSP have achieved accolades that make us proud to be a part of Asputra alumni. Some of us have even earned the rewards from our hard work, dedication and sacrifice – be it financial strength, social status and even personal achievements, among others. To me, these are not a surprise to us all as each of us has our own strength and values and of course talents.

What touched my heart the most was to find out about the demise of our beloved teachers and friends at prime age, poverty some of us living our lives in (still), health challenges creeping into our lives and other issues that we all have to face or already facing as we get older and older. I really hope gatherings like this would at least ease the burden of those who suffer inform of contributions – financial and emotional.

Besides that, I have to highlight here the fact that it was really a wonderful experience for me to get to meet and have lunch with our beloved Cikgu Perdagangan, Cikgu S. As I told her and some of you, I actually made a point to ensure my nails were well manicured and clean before meeting her as she used to check our fingernails prior to each Perdagangan classes some 20 odd years ago. For your information, she is also responsible to change my horrible handwriting to very neat writing style I have now. In fact, besides the availability of modern technology that potentially replace the necessity of handwriting, I still enjoy writing with a fountain pen, scribing posts into my travel journal. Thank you Cikgu S. You are one of a kind.

I did not really listen to the speeches during the dinner as most of us were busy catching up, to make up the missing 25 years of contacts. I, however, managed to capture a line uttered by someone directed to one of the most “garang” Cikgu – Cikgu KD. It was mentioned something of this effect:

“Kami ingin mengucapkan Terima Kasih kepada Cikgu KD kerana dengan sebab Cikgu lah kami jadi manusia”

Of course there are a lot more things that touched our hearts that night but those could be handy for our next teh tarik session.

I would like to thank you, Yard (and the rest of the gang), for your dedication and perseverance in subtly encouraging us (especially me) to get back into the loop of friendship which we all cherish since more than a quarter of a century ago, back to our roots – as without friends, we are NOBODY and without history, we are simply NOTHING.

People like me need reminders from time to time that among others, I do have the responsibility on my shoulders to assist (in whatever form) my brothers and sisters of SMTSP.

Not that I like politics that much, but if you do get into it, which I think you should, I will give you more than 100% support – because leadership quality you have is simply rare to find nowadays – your delivery packed with noble intention and we all know your kindness is indeed pure.

See you all again, soon!

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Rumah Zuhrah
SMTSP Class of ‘84


ashley said...

dearest MH..found your blog purposely..
I am touch with the letter..kudos to you too for writing such a beautiful letter..


shemeq said...

thank you, such kind words.

ashley said...

aku pinjam satu daripada gambark yang hang tangkap..
boh kat header blog aku..
kalau tak bagi pun, aku dah ambik..ha ha ha

pinjam naaaaa!!

gambar tu ada PENCERITAAN..


sekian terima kasih!

shemeq said...

ash: by all means, take it