Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bella Italiana - 15

The Internet landed me into VM Motors.

The owner, Mr. tan is one of the loudest men I have ever met.
All instructions to his workers in the workshop are delivered through screaming and yelling at them. If you don’t know him, you would think he is a mean bastard. However, once you handle him well and you mean business, with a stick of Salem lights, he we one of the friendliest Joe you’ve ever met.

Bare in mind, he is a Chinaman Towkey!

Before you even introduced yourself, he already strategizes his negotiation maneuver against you. I have many of these in my previous employment – one of the fringe benefits of working with Chinaman run company.
They might not have solid corporate background or a degree business degree from Harvard, but hey, they are a bunch of cunning businessmen who work hard and the primary focus is

to make money – money is – centre of the universe = equals = GOD.

Who are we to judge them? They might not speak English but their business skills in their own environment is just phenomenal.

Before I left the workshop one of the workers told me:

Saya punya Boss cakap you datnag 2 minggu sekali cukup lah.

Like hell I am going to listen to Mr. Tan.

I will go and look at the progress of the car as frequent as I want to.

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