Sunday, July 19, 2009

A revisit, but felt like the first time.

4 days in Kuching for a short break turned out to be QUITE a memorable one.

SPUR of a moment kinda thing, I clicked my fingers and, AYUH DOUNG!!!

The last time I was in Kuching was aaaaages ago. For work some more.

I used to frequent Miri and I have also been to Bintulu (in my previous employment).

This recent trip I felt like I went to Kuching for the first time and it drove my curiosity wild.

In four days I was given a crashed course on Kuching, Sarawak and more importantly - the inhabitants. Now I roughly understand their lifestyles and culture - quite similar but different.....

And the Rainforest World Music Festival fits nicely - like a glove!

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