Sunday, July 26, 2009

TFF's DBM - dumb blond moment

TFF recently stopped by Singapore on the way back from her Safari holidays in Cope Town to celebrate her friend’s birthday, at the Grand Hyatt.

She was partying with a bunch of friends and a group of Mat Sallehs.

After a few drinks, I supposed she had the urge to find out more about the people who she partied with. Or just to get info to acclimatize herself in the party.

And she went…… naively asking the bunch of Mat Salleh gentlemen.

So, what do you guys do?

Suddenly all the Mat Salleh guys stopped talking went quiet.

TFF was nganga - puzzled.

Kenapa diam pulak tiba tiba?

The birthday boy approached TFF and whispered:

Dia orang ni Liverpool team punya football players lah BODOH!


ashley said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha..
cam bodoh kan?

errr siapa ek player dalam liberfool?

shemeq said...

hehe. cannot tell.