Thursday, February 19, 2009

My first (serious) mountain bike.

While backing up the photos I recently took into my external HD, I detoured into the memory lanes og digital albums.

Trust me, I have loads.

I have a couple of my own version of Liz Wong from Bukit Lanjan.

Bumped into the pic of my old flame – Gary Fisher – Kaitai.

My first serious mountain bike I bought from DS.

I love it.

The bike bridges my passions – traveling and photography.

I was so much in love with the new sport.

I even bought the bike from DS. He got it second hand. I am the third owner.

We went to Batu Dam – still a nice trail for newbees – on the way to Ulu Yam and Genting. You have to drive through Gombak.

Beautiful trail, along the water edge of Batu Dam.

A river crossing included, a mild one which give sweet excitement to newbees who love the outdoors and a debut to an extreme.

Graduation: Kiara trails, off course!

I joined the Bike Hash too. In fact I even sat in the committee.

Make new friends, even closer to existing friends.

Talked about cycling all the time and I know some of my friends would shut me up if the had the way.

I like the bike.
I like the way it looks.
I like the frame.
I like the color.
I like the simplicity yet almost classic.
I like how the gear works.
I like learning how to maintain a mountain bike, how the gearing work, I like the simple technology – to transfer the energy from human through pedaling power to move – didn’t change much since its invention.

I even bought a book : Mountain Biking for Dummies

After that, I just love cycling - the Kaitai was not the last of the Fishers I acquired.

Then I traveled very far. Faaaaar!

Another legend was about to start.

*Kaitai was originally purchased 2nd hand by DS from I don’t know who. I am the third owner.

Then I sold it to my nephew (he wanted to lose weight)

But then he hardly used it and the bike collected dust with flat tires.

I bought the bike back from my nephew.

How could you forget about your first love?

Too bad, Kaitai is not with me now.

I really wish…….

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