Friday, February 13, 2009

Morning Calls

I was looking for someone to have breakfast with this morning.

I ended up eating roti telur (customized to 2 telur in 1 roti) alone in Bangsar.

Friend One

Yes, can. Near EON bank with my husband

(No, thanks. Perhaps I sould have breakfast with your dad)

Friend Two

I am on the way to work

(I know for sure from the voice and ambience, he’s still in bed)

Friend Three

Aku di kantor doung! Aku lagi kerja!

(I thought you were supposed to be on MC, to rest then to go to pre-valentine’s party?)

Friend Four

Hello dear. I am in the office. Perhaps we go to Zeta Bar later tonight.

Friend Five

I am watching porn in bed

(at 9.30am?)

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