Monday, February 23, 2009

At least 4 scenes in 1 night.

I was at an old friends’ anniversary celebration. Karaoke at Red Box Plus – The Pavilions Happy 17th Anniversary S&A Known them since college days. I sang a few songs, mostly Indonesian numbers. I seldom sing Indonesian songs in karaoke. I do though sing my heart out in my car – all the time! I was at an old friends’ anniversary celebration.
Scene ONE

Married for 17 years. Been together for 20. S! How could you stand him (A) that long?

Scene TWO

Some dude at the karaoke had the impression that I am such a Mamat Melayu because I have been singing Indonesian songs – I am totally OK with that. To the extend, R (a new acquaintance) asked me: Err.. can you sing English songs? My humble response was: Boleh lah jugak. R: You tahu lagu JU LIO Iglesias tak. (He did’t say the way the Spaniards do – “hulio iglesias”)

I was puzzled for a moment, trying to figure out which “English” singer he was talking about. R: Alah, JU LIO Iglesias! Bapak si Enrico Iglesias tu!


A real Mamat – whom I have not met before, apparently A’s friend arrived (late!). This Mamat came, cozily took the front seat and simply deleted a series of songs JJ (a good friend of mine, and a karaoke regular (an understatement) punched in before the Mamat arrived. Of course we were rather – upset! JJ complained to me. Who’s that guy? He just arrived and started deleting OUR SONGS! Some how or rather, I felt quite brave and blunt at that moment. JJ, I am going to give him a piece of my mind. So I walked steadily to the Mamat with my chest out, at the same time trying to recall the (Mamat Melayu) verbal skills I recently acquired through Red Planet and his PTs. Bro, you delete kita orang punya lagu ke? A ah! Tak boleh ah macam tu bro! Kita orang datang awal dan dah key in banyak lagu you tak boleh ah main delete je. Oh, ye ke (duh!) Ye lah. I think you should stop deleting because we are waiting for the songs. OK. OK. Sorry bro. A few moments later, JJ – a karaoke veteran – quietly kept the remote control in his pocket for the next ONE hour and sang OUR SONGS!.
Scene FOUR

Dude!! I think you spiked my drinks with COKE!

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