Sunday, February 09, 2014

TRANS THAILAND - have Kancil will travel

I was about to return call to my sister when this friendly uncle said hi to me. Yeah these riding gears I have with on me always make people curious. The helmet, jacket and the boots - a serious biker look. 

After all the pleasantries he asked me my destination. First I said Hatyai - my immediate  destination.

What about him?

He is going to Mae Sai - thats Northern Thailand, bordering Myanmar - that is where I am going too. He is driving his Kancil - ALONE.

He claimed he had done it before in a Nissan Sunny. Also alone.

He is 69 years old.

What a cool Pakcik.

Should I ask why did he do it? Nope. He must have his own reason. I would.

I remember reading a quote by Edmund Hillary on why he climbed the Everest - Because it is there.

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