Sunday, February 09, 2014

TRANS THAILAND - Masjid Changlun

While waiting for Capt to fix his tire, which apparently quite serious, I took a rest at a mosque along the highway, in Changlun before entering the border.

It was a hot day and I almost missed the mosque as it was rather a small one. I parked the bike about 50 meter from the mosque - overshot.

Very unassuming. From outside, the mosque looked very plain, nothing special. However, after wuduk with very cool “kolah” water, my curiosity took me to the main prayer hall - the original part of the mosque.

You would not guess how nice this mosque is from outside as the original part is hugged by the relatively new wings which is obvious an add-on to the original structure.

The mosque is not grand and very charming. The “mimbar” is made of richly carved wood and the tiang seri (pillars) are supported by concrete bases with some details - not just a plain structure. 
Despite the heat outside, being temperate climate in this part of Peninsula Malaysia, it is cool and calm and pleasant ambience surrounding the hall.

After performing my prayers, jamak and qasar, I dozed off. I needed the rest from the long ride since morning, to recharge and to continue riding North to Hatyai - and thats the plan.

It is obviously a wakaf masjid, not built by the government. Whoever involved building it had put a lot of effort and passion in building it. I can see it from the details. I can feel form the ambience.

Thats what human do for their devotion to God in their respective religion. For God, it has got to be the best effort.

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