Sunday, February 16, 2014

TRANS THAILAND - flying carpet from Hatyai to Chaing Mai

My friend Shahrin W (also a cyclist and a GS biker) called it - flying carpet service - to transport the bike from Hatyai to Chiang Mai. Like I told him - since there are only 2 bikes to be flown into Chaing Mai, the cost per bike is a bit expensive - equivalent to the cost of antique Persian.

It takes about 36 hours to ship the bike by truck. Meaning we only will see the bike the day after we arrived in Chiag Mai. I am very OK with that. We can always rent a mopad or even a bicycle meanwhile.

Brings back the memory of riding my BICYCLE from Bangkok to Chuang Mai about 8 years ago - like that cool 69 years old uncle driving a Kancil, ALONE. huhu.

It took us almost an hour to get two motorbikes onto the trucks. The weight of the bikes requires a flatbed truck to act as a hydraulic ram in the loading process.

The drivers tied up the bikes properly. It is a good thing that I recently installed the engine and body guard of my bike. These are the points being tied and no ropes touched the fragile, chrome finish of  the body.

I took the copy of their IDs, photos and their truck plate number. Anything happen to my bike, I will hunt them. Or pay someone to hunt them. Hehe.

Fingers crossed. Thanked and paid the drivers, off to bed.It has been a very long, but not uninteresting, day.

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