Sunday, February 16, 2014

TRANS THAILAND - Breakfast in Chiang Mai

Our nice little hotel is located in the old city. The area is also popular among the backpackers. 

Its actually a bakery. 
Typically this ind of place would have good western breakfast.

Found it!

Located very close to the morning market where i get my fruits every single mrning. I really miss their fresh tropical fruits. Cheap, delicious and easily available.

Capt enjoying hos breakfast
Its a nice harmony of holiday + local atmosphere. Thats one of the reasons why I love Chiang Mai.

My croissant with omelet and cheese
I have to highlight here the fact that this is not my first time in Chiang Mai. It was about 7 years ago I actually rode my touring BICYCLE, not motorbike, from Bangkok.

My view. A bunch of backpackers having breakfast while watching the world goes by. Note the sweaters. It was rather a cool morning. Beautiful morning.
This time, I am here with this lovely machine who is going to be my closets buddy for the next 10 dayr exploring Thailand from North to South and beautiful people and places along the way.

Quoted from a newly found Latvian friend in Chiang Mai:

I am not a tourist.

I am a traveler. 

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