Monday, February 10, 2014

TRANS THAILAND - border towns

Not unlike the first motorcycling trip to Thailand for Phuket bike week last year, the ride was very HOT. As soon as I reached the border Bukit Kayu Hitam / Danok, we have to ride into the Immigration and Custom complex. Its hot and the motorcycle lane is very narrow. Even a mopad would find it difficult to manoeuvre the passport “drive through” counter - what about a bloody big and heavy K1600GTL which is 350 kg by itself and with my luggage - the total weight is almost half a ton. 

They should seriously consider building a bike lane twice as big lah. With the heat and the size of my bike, its an ordeal to ride trough.

Of course after the lanes we had to walk and queue at 3 different counters. It was boiling.

As we crossed the border, we straight away stop at the nearest handphone shop and get local sim card to ensure connectivity though out the journey.  Specifically emails, Whatsapp and Facebook - haha.

TRUE provider. Data and voice for 2 weeks - Baht 400

Probably the best air tabu in the world,

Just found out my Motorrad GPS is not loaded with map of Thailand. Just great. And I didn't bring the cradle, not the cable to upload the maps. oh dear.

We ended up using Capt’s Samsunfg Galaxy Tab. As much as I hate Samsung (I am an I-guy) it has been very handy without the motorrad GPS.

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