Saturday, February 15, 2014

TRANS THAILAND - Danok to Hatyai

Mango with sticky rice + air tebu = refreshing!

It took 45 minutes from Danok to Hatyai, Tesco. 

Sunset, beautiful crimson sky. I was too busy to find way to hotel - no pics. Sorry
Typical Thai highway was slippery.

I think the content of bitumen is high and not helping with diesel spillage on the road by trucks - dilutes the bitumen and make it even slippery - esp on a hot day.(just my theory)

Not helping are the u turns and traffic lights and many may trucks. Any bikers who has rode Thailand would know this phenomena.

I could still get Radio Kedah FM and and HOT FM on the radio half way to Hatyai. After that 99% of the songs were Thais.

Pulut with fried chicken

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