Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dins Dins @ la Luciola

La Luciola was, again, excelent. Except for this old (bule – orang putih fart) who told us to behave when we sang, “We Are the World” at our dinner table.

Hey, it’s a holiday and we were having fun!

“This is not a karaoke bar,” he said sarcastically.

We didn’t protest (surprisingly) – I guess because our Asian culture and values automatically kicked in – one should respect the elders.

The whole thing upset me, and my friends. What’s up with this old fart spoiling our good times! No wonder he’s eating alone. One of us would have said: Dude! This is not an old folks’ home!

But we got back at him when we sang happy birthday from the top of our lungs to a patron who celebrated birthday during the dinner. It was louder than the karaoke bars!

Served him right.

We haven’t got a clue who the birthday boy / girl was… I bet the old bule was really pissed off. He left shortly after that.

Do we care?

NOPE! What an idiot!

We had so much fun nevertheless.

La Luciola never failed to impress me. The architecture is Balinese in a bigger scale. Soft pipe-in Balinese music with gentle breeze from the ocean. We could even smell the sea!

If you ever go to Bali, do try the place. If you have someone special with you, even better. It’s is quite a romantic venue. You can even walk by the beach while waiting for your delicious meals to be served by Balinese boys with their complete headgears and frangipani flowers tucked to their ears.

Can’t get more Balinese than that, I thought.


pretty said...

so cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

orange said...

aahhh.this place...i remember very well,it's get you into mood after dinner;P