Monday, September 07, 2009

Bukan Semua Polis Jahat, OK!

I went to Mont Kiara to check my (snail) mails.

On the way back, the customary speed trap on Jalan Kiara in front on Intan to capture the traffic from the affluent area with pool of luxury cars.

I got flagged down, driving at 90 in 80kmh zone.

Oh shit!

I went

Encik, saya ada masalah besar

He looked puzzled

Apa masalah awak?

I went

Saya, wallet pun tak bawak!

The officer took a deep breath, frowned, shook his head a bit and smiled.

Ok lah. Jalan! Jalan!

Woo! Hoo!

No no! I wasn’t driving Brondong!


pretty said...

betul ker lupa bawa wallet?

Mr A said...

Policeman in tights? Grrrrrrrr