Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Fun Bali

Getting There!

BS is the tour master. He has been our tour master in other destinations too, including Bangkok and Jakarta.

BS is a very resourceful and proactive banker. Because of him we seldom travel via Air Asia. We pay less (in most cases) than Air Asia yet still enjoy KLIA rather than the I-have-to-walk-on-the-tarmac-to-get-to-the-air craft-air port. Don’t forget the meals onboard and the extra luggage allocation (especially) we get out of this non-budget airline!

Besides, with our Platinum credit cards, we still enjoy the Premium Lounge at KLIA, free of charge! You cannot get better deal than that!

As usual, we stock up our supplies before boarding the pesawat heading towards Bandara Ngurah Rai, Den Pasar.

The route towards Bali became darker as night approached. The sky was beautiful when you can see one side of the earth was still bright and the other was dark. It’s like traveling through a transition of day to night and it’s beautiful!

Lucky, I had my pocket camera with me.

It is quite deceiving to call it Bali holidays because throughout the 5 days we were strictly within our very own holiday comfort zones of Legian and Seminyak – nothing beyond.

The plan to watch Kecak dance after sunset in Uluwatu didn’t materialized. The idea evaporated into thin air because we had so much fun – back to back – hardly time to relax.

A well deserve holiday with close friends. It has been proven several time this bunch of friends can travel together without any problem.

Sehati dan sekata, di mana jua.

The recent trip was my 3rd trip to Bali. I did the whole cultural and photography activities in my previous trips so this one was rather light and easy.

I don’t get it when people say it’s hard to get good food in Bali. Bali has a variety of restaurants serve local to international cuisines.

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red planet said...

fantastic trip .. great company & love the Ku De Ta sunset ! :-D