Monday, September 07, 2009

Feels like a cliché to talk about this but the COW issue in Shah Alam.

Shah Alam, politically is the heart of PKR (in my humble opinion).

During Ramadhan, also Merdeka month what ever happened in Shah Alam recently was rather distasteful. In fact to me it’s just disgusting.

While you are parading like the uncivilized tribes, what would you do if other people stomp our Holy Quran?

Excuses like “noise” is just plain insensitive.

The Hindus also to hear our 5 times a day azan.

We have a fundamental flaw here with magnitude more than what most of us think.

I am very disappointed.

Apparently the Hindu community (my fellow Malaysians) want to build their own temple with their own money.

At the same time, the new (big) mosque of Putrajaya was officially opened by the King.

If I am not mistaken, located not that far from the famous Putrajaya mosque floating at the foot hill of PMs office.

Ini satu lagi. How come Pejabat Perdana Menteri lagi tinggi dari smejid.


I seriously think the new mosque is not only expensive but also REDUNDANT.

How much does it cost again? More than RM200 juta.

Something is seriously, fundamentally WRONG here.

I feel so sorry for the country to have that happened

You think lah!


pretty said...

but its a beautiful mosque!

MBA said...

Agree Maz. Lepas tu, dekat dewan, they can menjerit jerit angkat kerusi nak balik kat orang! Macam orang tak berpelajaran and how dare they wanted to teach others about moral values. Seriously!