Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Terengganu Eats

This post is dedicated to my fellow buddies from Terengganu, namely Crushio, Anggok and Jai.

May you salivate!

These dishes were prepared by my lovely sister in law who never failed to impress and feed me with her cooking, each time I go back to Terengganu.

There nothing like home cooked Terengganu food.

I will try to label these based on what we call them at home (I hope I don't mislead you here):

kacang boto

samba blacang

ikang (selayang, i think) panggang

khabu pauh / pelang

timung cine (as ulam, not dessert)

sutong masok pedah

sayo masok lemok

singgang ikang aye

Of course all the ingredients were bought fresh from Pasar Marang, a couple of hours before lunch. The fish and the veggies were sweet and fresh.

Even I am salivating right now.


pretty said...

omg!!! love all that, and my mom cooks that all the time !!!

Anonymous said...


of all the dish, though simple, singgang ikang aye tetap menjadi pojaan hatiku... :)


shemeq said...


lets do a potluck!


singgang ikang aye.

less is more.

pretty said...

potluck, me bawa kacang boto jer ;-)

shemeq said...


kscsng bobo aje.... haha
thats a good one!

Anonymous said...

It looks like ikan selar and not selayang.

The latter is pointier.