Saturday, April 18, 2009

ASEAN Summit was called off, but not the parties!
The lovely host – as always.

I had an awesome time during my recent short holiday in BKK.

Catching up with BG and LL was really fun. Really envy their healthy lifestyle (minus the G&T). They both look good. In fact, younger.

Deep inside me, I said to myself:

Gotta get back into PT and stick to it boy of you will be grumpy and old fat fart!

BG lost so much weight, we is wearing a 32 501s while I am still stuck to my 34. The best part is, he cant even wear his nice Italian suits, and guess what?

BG gave me one of his Hugo Boss suit which fits me well and I have got that color.

Thanks buddy!

Can’t say the same thing about Kamal (their cat) who is so fat when LL took him to the vet, people thought he was a dog!

The Party Party Party

Yes, 3 parties.

In fact I could have gone for more but I – as always – know my limit that I don’t intend to cross.

Coincidently some friends from SG and JKT were also having Songkran holidays. Perfect company to enjoy our holidays.

Among others,

I lost a cheap tee shirt

My favorite leather shoes got stepped on big time on the dance floor.

I learned how to recycle ;-)

Oh.. the after party 2 hour massage was HEAVENLY. We (I mean our body) so deserved it.


The Luncheon at The Sukhothai

As a finale, LL was kind enough to arrange for a nice lunch at fabulous restaurant, The Celedon. The food and the service was just immaculate.

No complaints, just complements (even they were having problem with the credit card machine).

I have my customary Tom Ka Gai - white coconut based chicken soup, served in a coconut.

Despite our stretched stomach line we still ordered and array of Thai succulent desserts.


Wrap Up.

I got wet on the last day and LL and I got splash while riding on a tuk tuk! Oh well, it’s Songkran.

LL’s 4th Songkran, 1st time to got wet.

My first Songkran, I got wet!

I am glad I got splashed at.

In ONE line,

Bangkok was wonderfully WET.
(However you want to define it, I don’t really care!)

Woo Hoo!

Oh, by the way….

What riot????

of colors, perhaps?


Jasni Jaal said...

Ish... engko ni tak habih habih party..

pretty said...

yums !!! now am hungry ;-)

shemeq said...

JJ: Songkaran is Thai new year. Once a year only lah. You party every night!

Pretty: yum yum