Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am having a good time in Bangkok.

It is so relaxing.

I don’t make any plan.

I don’t even make any plan to photograph anything.

I just wanna let it flow.

This is a holiday.

Wake up, cook breakfast, check email, check facebook, comments on people’s status, lunch on the streets in my scruffy no shower self, buy groceries, shopping, massage etc etc.

It is so refreshing as long as I control my spending.

As I am typing this song, I actually at the dining table with my lovely hosts listening to songs from my laptop and we just talk and talk and sing and sing.

At the moment we are listening to True by Spandau Ballet. I also introduced the to Indonesian jazz – Syaharani – Whiter Shade of Pale. I also played old songs – Breath (Raise your hands to heaven), Enigma and Skid Row’s I Remember You.

I am having so much fun.

OK, gotta go. My friends from Jakarta are also here and we are going dancing!

Woo! Hoo!

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