Monday, April 06, 2009

Yes (new)Prime Minister.

I am very sure almost every adult Malaysian has been talking about these issues since the last General Election, be it over the tarik sessions, or after a very nice Sunday ride in beautiful kampungs in Ulu Langat with a bunch of expatriates, or after a corporate board meeting at the twin-towers of KLCC, or while waiting for the sea to calm down on a small fishing jetty in Seberang Takir, Terengganu before gambling their lives in the open sea…….

Everybody talks about it. I mean EVERYBODY.

Yet, both Barisans have been bickering. I do not think rakyats Malaysia has been ignored to this extend since Merdeka, or probably before.

People have been disappointed and seriously angry and they took it to the street.


Do Malaysians, for example, really want to walk the street of Kuala Lumpur under hot sun after Friday prayers for fun? I don’t think so.

There is something seriously, seriously wrong in our system.

The sad part is the Barisans seem to be deft and blind.

So, my dear (new) Prime Minister, the Malaysians have no choice, at the moment, but to be hopeful for you to make a CHANGE.

CHANGE is not just about glorified speeches, election campaigns, fancy oversize billboards, political promises, half-baked websites or spinning news headlines stating the obvious things the Government should do as a GOVERNMENT anyways.

CHANGE is about winning back the heart of ALL Malaysians in Malaysia and abroad.


Because we the rakyats are sick and tired, really!

You can have your own fancy KPIs and what not.

As rakyats, we have been observing and we will still be observing the whole antiques and we don’t quite like it. In fact we detest it.


We are disgusted to a certain extend on how the rakyats’ money have been spent “macam datuk dia punya duit!” – among others.

The rakyats will eventually decide in the next General Election.

So, my dear (new) Prime Minister, like us all, be it a clerk, a driver, an entrepreneur, or a CEO of a GLC. We all cannot “cakap kosong” all the time. Eventually we have to deliver.

Now, you have been given the mandate by the rakyats.

We have not been happy since last General Election.

And make sure your cabinet line up, and you are spic and span.

It’s time for you to start cracking and,

DELIVER you should!

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Jasni Jaal said...

It's a lot more simpler Mazlim. They had 50 years to change and what they did was to squander. Why wait for the change that's never coming anyway?. You make the change. Change the government.