Monday, August 13, 2012

Still life

I recently got a job to supply and install almost 100 pieces of my photography work to a newly opened hotel in KL.

I am very happy with it. I was given 2 weeks to complete and I did it well. I gave my all and it paid off. At least the hotel's boss is very happy.

I made quite a handsome some of money from it. I already decided to plough everything back into photography..... and some holidays too ;-)

My pieces clad several restaurants and meeting rooms and common areas of the hotels. 

Very proud of it.

While working night and day to deliver this biggest photography order so far, which included choosing from thousands of my image bank, shoot some still life, conceptualize and framing, layout and installation I revisited some of Photoshop functions which I haven't been using for a while. Its good to refresh my skills. And I get hooked experimenting still life.

Like this one.

this is actually a jar of fettuccine in a jar from my kitchen, with some editing using Photoshop.

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