Thursday, August 16, 2012

chorat choret

What is your opinion about being casual like wearing round neck t shirts during weekdays, or even weekend,

Some people think its selekeh. Not presentable just incase you bump into friends or some business people that you know.

I guess it makes a lot of sense to conform. But, is it not cool if I don't conform? I think I have passed the corporate days, even then I detest to wear neck tie. I don’t mind suits though because I have been told that I look good in it.

Nowadays I hardly go to corporate meetings - unless the Aussies are around. I am very casual most of the time. I hate to dress up. Who is there to impress? And why?

This is just me I guess. I even once went to see the State Secretary with my torn jeans when I balik kampung. Of course they will look at you “one kind”. I even went to see the District Forestry Officer in my shorts - con I forgot to pack my trousers during one of the monotonous trip to Kuantan.

Okay lah. I think those are very inappropriate. Kita ada adab. We shouldn’t be biadap. We should be presentable when we go to other peoples house / office.

It’s gonna be hard but I will do it.

photo: street of Buxoro, Ozbekiston.

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