Thursday, August 16, 2012

Raya, but not quite Raya

Some of my siblings will not be in Terengganu for Raya. Then I feel macam tak best nak balik kampung. I love Terengganu but if there are not many of my siblings are going to be there, tak best.

Since business is going to be closed for about a week, I decided to go else where during hari raya break.

I am going there alone, with my cameras. Yes, I will also be doing underwater photography. Just pray the weather will be on my side.

To me, the image of luxury resorts with water villas on stilts above crystal clear water and corals has become quite monotonous. 

I, instead, am more interested in the people, their culture, their everyday life. The challenge is, how can it be uniquely Maldives? How physically distinctive are they from their Sri Lankan and Indian neighbors. I am very curious about this and I haven't  got a clue so far. But I really need to untangle that and turn it into a very nice piece of photography.

photo: shots at Urgench, Ozbekiston while waiting for a delayed train.

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