Sunday, July 10, 2011

My take on BERSIH

congratulates the Thais for peacefully decided their future by voting - not marching the streets of Bangkok!

I am all for fair elections but in this case I smell BAD politics.

I respect each individual’s political inclination - that’s our fundamental rights. However, just because they think its cool to go against the establishment or just because
they are so gullible to some political websites, that doesn’t mean they can justify to march the street of KL.

I have personally experienced how BAD politics divided Terengganu into pieces - until today.

Our (PAS) relatives come for Hari Raya to our (BN) home not eating the meat we serve because it was not slaughtered by PAS people.

Some PAS people just don’t go for Friday prayers because they live near (BN) mosques. Its like the moslems in Terengganu worship 2 different gods.

We have members of our family in both camps and both sides suck!

At the same time even UMNO Terengganu is divided into different camps. So the Malays are broken into tiny groups and FAR from being united until TODAY.

If BERSEH truly apolitical, and truly fights for fair elections and love Malaysia - why want to march the street? Do it with diplomacy. Sometimes it seems that there are so blinded with emotions - want to topple the government lah, this and that but did they even evaluate the repercussion of such actions to the whole big picture of our nation and its long term socioeconomic implications?

I am not deeply in love with the ruling party. Hell yes BN has lot to improve. However, the street is not an alternative.

Our Pembangkang is very weak. Quite a significant numbers of them were in BN too. Education Minister, Finance Minister even DPM. But, what did they do when they were on the “throne”? Education system was in a mess, and still is. We almost kowtow to IMF and gone bankrupt during the economic crisis.

Cakap memang senang! Ini semua kerja hasut menghasut di belakang tabir “Human Rights” and “Democracy”. Kononnya.

Remeber, we gained our independence from the British without spilling a single drop of blood. So, be a responsible citizen. Resolve this PEACEFULLY lah!

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