Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cotton Candy Tree House

I have to tell you about the tree house.

Yes, it is real tree house. Really cool. The only set back is there is no toilet. You gotta walk 3 storey down to get to the toilet.

I was supposed to stay in one of the A hut, my usual no. 2 chalet from the beach, steps away from the sand and hammocks. Unfortunately, Kapas Beach Chalet has been getting heavy reservation due to high backpackers season of the year.

Since there were no other rooms available, I was given the tree house belongs to Zack, a friendly and generous guy you run the and own the boat service from Marang to Pulau Kapas.

But seriously, the tree house is like a shrine to Bob Marley. At the beginning it was rather spooky but after a while the ambience becomes quite enjoyable really.

It is really nice to lepak on the verandah of the tree house, facing the ocean. We can just chill without anybody watching - so its kind of cool.

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