Sunday, July 31, 2011


I revisited Luang Prabang photos last night and playing around with different tints using Photoshop and the results are quite amazing. It gives different moods. Cropping also help in hiding several details yet focusing more on the subject rather than the surrounding.

An everyday scene, scores of monks (mostly young ones) crossing this bamboo bridge which is located about a stone throw away from the boutique hotel I stayed in.

A lady selling saffron color Buddhist wrist bands for good luck. I approached her to take a picture but she called me and tied 2 strings around my wrists. It is against my religious belief but I let her anyway. I don't think they are any harm to me as I do not believe in it. I wore them for a few weeks as souvenir from Vientiane. Can't remember where they are now.

You can only have this kind of shot if you wake up very early in the morning - like 5.30am. The monks stroll the streets of Laos (just like in Thailand) to collect elms from the locals (and tourists) before sunrise.

I spotted this lady walking in the market. I thought she look very regal. My guess is she is from Laos aristocrats. Very graceful, not only from what she wears, but also from the way she moves.

I bumped into this man several times when I visited the market. I don't think he sells anything. Perhaps he collects garbage for living - you know like recycle bottles and cartons. I find his face is full of definition and character. He asked me for some money after I capture his photo. I didn't entertain him.

Despite whats being portrayed here, this lady is quite vivd and colorful in real life. She is one of the vendors in the market selling some local veggies. Friendly.

Just outside the market, there is a temple and this where this old lady was photographed. She was waiting for someone literally at the door step of the temple. She seemed to be looking far away at times and didn't give any response to my presence. She didn't say a single word. Perhaps she was waiting for someone....

Another typical scene in Luang Prabang. I really like those bamboo bridges. Its so Asian and exotic. When I first I saw the bridge, immediately I know its an interesting subject. Very rare. When I posted on Facebook - the bridge is one of my friends favorites.

This was shot in a monastery, before noon. I think they were preparing to have their last meal for the day. The frame around the monk is not a door. Its a window. I was so delighted to learn that he didn't mind to be photographed.

Frankly, only last night I realized I have this photo. Another shot from the market. I haven't a clue what she sells.

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