Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ambience @ 1 Mont' Kiara

I was recently commissioned to photograph Ambiance - a very nice shop that carries antiques and objet d'art.

A good experience.

The official opening was also my debut solo exhibition which response (both to the opening as well as the exhibition) was really good.

Jim Moore, a friend of mine, a Scottish entrepreneur who has been residing in Malaysia for decades.

This is one is of the hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful work of art and ornate crafts available for sale.

Each time I go to Jim's shop I will surely get something - it could be a souvenir for a friend from Jakarta, or a set of coaster etc.

This particular pot was not a head-turner when I was doing the shooting. During editing I realized how beautiful the object is, and so the photography ;-).

Good stuff, I thought.

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