Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brief to Web Designer

MAZLIMHUSINPHOTOGRAPHY.COM represents not only my work, but also me as a person and a brand - the website has to represent me, my identity and ofcourse my personality.

Just like my home, I don’t like uncluttered ambience. Most of the things are clean, white, simple and minimalist. Yet, I don’t want it to be boring hence I splash quite a lot of red and subtly mixed other colors in between. It’s white, yet its subtly colorful and of course, beautiful.

So, please do not hesitate to play around with some colors to make it unique and importantly very attractive.

To get people to focus more on my work, I would like to capture their attention to my work on a white canvas, one at a time. The layout of ONE photo per each page view is important, yet we want visitor to the website to always know where they are throughout his navigational experience exploring my art work.

Think differently! We are not here to copy other people's work. We are here to develop a nice website. Who knows, it could be an award winning piece of your work.

Who knows?

Please don't forget to book www.mazlimhusinphotography.com. If you need any payment, please inform me.

I would like to propose an outline as follow:

  1. HOME = About Me - You can copy the wording from the simple portfolio I gave you. i would like to put my face photo there. The photo you are using now look nice. Lets keep it.

      1. Please include a list of work I have done as per the brochure I gave to you. I think this should be under ABOUT ME but in a page by itself. Let see how it looks and discuss this the next time we meet. This is a very important section and has to be represented well. It has to have that international look and feel to cater for global users - thats what internet all about anyway - Global Market!

      1. STUDIO & MOBILE STUDIO - Please also include and emphasize the fact that MAZLIMHUSINPHOTOGRAPHY has a PRIVATE and MOBILE studio with professional quality lighting equipment and personalized and customized backdrops.

  1. GALLERY: This section is to be divided into different genres of photography. Perhaps we choose 8 to 10 photos for each gallery (we can decide this later but the website has to be modular - expandable to add more photos in the future.

  1. I like the layout at this website - the thumb print is also not to small and yet not to big either. Just a good size to tell people whats next yet mysteriously hide some detail to be explored further and eventually a visual feast!

    4. FOOD
    5. CULTURE
    6. FINE ART (FOR SALE - to choose a softer word)


Is it possible to include e-commerce features? What is the process and the cost to get it done? A simple system which can accept orders and payments. Please keep that in mind while developing the FINE ART section.


Please include this message in the FINE ART GALLERYAll photos are printed using professional quality Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 printer on A3 size Canon Fine Art Paper Premium Matte.

Each piece comes with a personally signed Invoice / Certificate by Mazlim Husin

These are Limited Edition Prints. Only 28 copies of each photos are produced.

Each photo is mounted on paper border prior to shipment. Customized framing is available, with an additional cost.

All prices quoted do not include any tax and shipping and handling.


thats all I can brief you so far. I hope you understand. If not, please ask. No hamr asking. It just make our work easier.

Good night!

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