Monday, May 16, 2011

Jins Shamsuddin

I cant recall what was the last movie I watched with Jins Shamsuddin in it.

This might sound weird to some, Malay movies are not really my cup of tea. I enjoyed P Ramlee very much, since I was a kid. He is just timeless.

My exposure to Jins Shamsuddin is only limited to movies I watched when I was a kid. TV was not really part of my childhood when I left home as we can only watch TV during weekends at residential schools - or BOLA!

I recently met Jins Shamsuddin at an event where I was commissioned to do the photography and videography.

At first I just photograph Jins like any other VIP invited to a function. Then at the end of the event I felt quite melancholic after observing him facing his fans who endlessly wants to have a photo ops with once the heros of Malay movie, quite a legend.

I was very touched to observe how Jins Shamsuddin treat his fans. He is a very humble man. People love him, young and old. Without failed, he said “Terima kasih” to those fans who had a photo with him.


I can’t help but to pay respect to him. I actually I did that twice - the second time right before the end of the even I approached him, kissed his hands according to Malay customs and subtly said to him - “Memang ramai peminat Jins Shamsuddin.“ He smiled and said “Terima kasih”.

I don’t know many local young actors / actress, but from the little I have gathered, they are not that humble. DIva giler, tapi talent, tak lah berapa sangat pun.

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