Monday, May 16, 2011

Flores de Mayo

I was extremely tired after a whole day of (window) shopping at the Greenbelts and Gloriattas of Makati.

Hailed a beaten up cab to return to the hotel in Malate, on Roxas Boulevard.

As we about to reach the hotel I saw a procession going on on the streets of Malate. I ask my Filipino friends to ask the cab to stop and drop us there and then. I want to catch Flores de Mayo in action.

Suddenly I felt so charged up. Luckily my pocket camera was on my waist most of the time.

Electricity rate in the Philippines are quite expensive. I am not surprised, Even this celebration was captured in a semi dark alley of Malate. Some of them even carry portable florescent lights to highlight their princess on their respective floats (trishaw) of flowers parading away accompanied by a team of boys with their percussion.

Poverty is quite rampant in the area (and most part of the Philippines) however, the tradition is very strong. In such a community, they must have spent a major part of their income to celebrate their children offering flowers to Virgin Mary.

The lights were low. I have to push up the ISO to the max in several cases. The fact the I was there was quite a discovery.

Salamat Po.

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