Monday, November 16, 2009

Kunang Kunang

My maiden Firefly voyage.

I was impressed the moment I arrived at Terminal 3 after a traumatic experience passing Terminal 1 and it was there anymore. Sad to see an ugly industrious building with striking green color that looks horrible from a far.

How I hate to think about what they did to Terminal 1.

Back to Terminal 3. Yeah, it was nice, not too big (and NOT small either), pleasant d├ęcor, logical flow, variety of restaurant and the menu is NOT expensive at all.

People are warmer.

KLIA, in many ways, is rather COLD.


orange said...

Mr. M, i've introduced ur blog to some of myfrens here cos u've lots nice pixs. of malaysia. they love it. said u're cool.hope u dont mind.

MBA said...

Terminal 1 and 2 will undergo a major makeover by my client...they've got big plans for that area.

shemeq said...



i hope they will enjoy it