Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bella Italiana - 17

David visited the workshop the other day.

He was quite happy with the progress.

He spent quite a bit of time talking to Ah Seng. At some point they have different opinions about certain issues in this restoration job.

Like in many occasions, I have to be the mediator to calm them down.

They both have their own strength and both worked well to me.

Ah Seng is good at doing up the bodywork while David is very resourceful in hunting for parts and David, being trained in Turino, Italy, knows every detail of the Fiat engines.

I just have to make sure they treat each ot

her well and get the job done. I need both of them.

Ah Seng complains all the time saying that there are too many holes and damaged parts of the car needed to be fixed.

I did bluntly say to his face:

Ini kereta sudah 42 tahun wor. Mesti banyak karat punya! Haiyya!

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orange said...

So, Mr. M is it gonna be "orange"?