Saturday, November 07, 2009

Kota Bharu re Visited

I was recently in Kota Bharu to attend an opening of a mosques built by a friend’s family.

It is a beautiful mosque built in Kampung Pasir Ho, not that far from Kota Bharu city center. The mother, as long as I know her, has always been passionate about building including houses and apartments. She got involved in many aspects of the construction including sourcing for materials.

It took them 18 months to complete the mosque and she supervised it almost everyday for the past 18 months, or perhaps more. She even went to Japara (Indonesia) to get all the beautiful intricate carving and knowing her, everything is detail to the smallest measurement. She knows her stuff very well.

The result is outstanding and it is so distinctly her.

I also took some time to explore Kota Bharu. I have visited Kota Bharu a few times but never had the chance to really explore the town before, not even this trip. I tried my best to squeeze some shoot within the 24-hour trip and I only managed to capture area around Pasar Khadijah and Kubang Pasu (the old original Kota Bharu).

Some people might think Pasar Khadijah has been photographed to death and a bit cliché. I agree, but I still want to capture it my way through my lens.

I always have the impression Kota Bharu is always busy with business everywhere I go. There are a lot of enterprising people all over the place. I could feel the trading and commerce energy all over the little city.

With my camera and a heavy camera bag and a tripod, I was frequently asked whether I worked for TV3 of the Press.

My answer was simple (with a smile, of course) –

Hobby je.

These are some shots I’d like to share with you and….


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