Sunday, November 08, 2009

David's Pride and Joy

BMW E21 is the body designation for the first BMW 3 Series compact executive car, produced by the German automakerBMW from 1975 to 1983. This series was the immediate successor to the BMW 2002 and was superseded by the BMW E30 platform.

What David is restoring is the BMW 323i E21 Bauer.

Always excited to show new parts he managed to get from I seriously don't know where. He goes to Penang, Ipoh, JB, even order from the UK.

He has done up the engine and is in good running condition. In fact there was nothing wrong with the engine when he acquired it. Not much to be done, really.

Everything is original. Especially important are the seat. Leather, original. I like the color too.

The Baur is actually a convertible independent rear soft top. Nice!

David has all the new sets of lights.

Original alloy sports rims. Very light, apparently.

The kidney grill is being restored and David bought brand new kidney for the grill.


Independent rear soft top

Original rims with original tool.

The car currently in Puchong for reupholstered. I can't wait to see teh finished product. Hopefully I can borrow from him for a weekend... or two.

Good luck David!

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