Friday, August 07, 2009

breakfast @ teluk chempedak

Demo Sini Demo Sana - Ape Citer!

Tak ada makna nya!

Some of my friends didn’t even know there was a demo when they got stuck in KL jam recently.

I wonder why the oppositions are making such a big deal in organizing a demo. I certainly understand ISA is a big issue but at the same time it is NOT the ONLY issue we have to tackle in this complex plural society.

Belum apa apa lagi nak abolish ini lah, nak abolish itu lah.

Perlu ke? I mean, perlu sekarang ke?

I am not certain how many thousands of people took it to the streets recently but there are a lot more who were at home, at work, cycling, camping enjoying life in Malaysia and abroad.

I am not pro BN 100%. I do see their (major) flaw.


The oppositions have to do more than using their supporters (including children) to the streets to prove a (whatever) point, or to gain their (selfish?) political leverage.

Why don’t they concentrate on running Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan smoothly with more development that the previous government had done. Show us you can do a better job in all socio-economic aspects.

Please do not underestimate what a great job our (Indian, Chinese and Malay) forefathers had done to get where we are now. The oppositions can talk because talk is DIRT CHEAP! Ada yang dah dua kali tak meet datelines kononnya nak jadi PM etc.

Itu lah pasal!

Please lah!

As at now, I am not convinced they can. Not yet!

Once proven, they don’t even have to campaign,

Aku akan pangkah parti tu in the next General Election.

Do some reading lah. Kat negara negara lain yang “maju” pun ada jugak the same act, cuma they don’t call it ISA.

I am NOT (at all) ashamed to admit that I am pro (more refined) ISA. Put those bastards yang suka sangat menghasut rakyat yang kurang pandai into the lockups.

Menyusahkan aje! Aku nak pergi shopping pun susah!



Anonymous said...

saya berkongsi sentimen yang sama dengan encik mazlim hussin..


Anonymous said...

Kalau tiada anak, adik, abang atau sedara mara yang kena tahan ISA tujuh lapan tahun dalam penjara memang mudah mengeluarkan KATA KATA..


shemeq said...

i am glad you do. keep on running boy!

correction, it is NOT quite easy for me to say what I said. I am not a politician - far from it, really. But I have seen political divides not only in my beloved country Malaysia, but also my beloved state Terengganu and sad to express here even in my own family - to a certain extend.

I hope to elaborate my points, hopefully in my future posting.

Think! Even our Kemerdekaan Malaysia dicapai bukan dengan hujung pedang malah dengan tinta (pena).

Saya cuma harapkan agar rakyat Malaysia tak kira apa bangsa sekali pun menangani keadaan dengan kebijaksanaan, bukan melalui emosi atau hanya membabi buta mengikut puak puak tertentu yang suka menghasut untuk kepentingan politik masing masing.

I do not agree with ISA 100%. As I said, I am ALL for a refined version of it. But WE NEED ISA. Please realize countries such as Singapore, the US and even the UK has (almost) the same act. They just DON'T call it ISA. I doubt all those people who participated in the demo realize that. Kita ramai yang suka sangat terikut ikut berdasarkan sentimen.

As a rakyat, I am very concerned about the future of my country, tanah tumpah darah ku. I have seen with my own eyes what happened in the countries and I personally talked to the people in the respective countries.

Look back! In the 70's the Philippines had the most canggih airport in the region. Look at what happened to it now under the pretext of freedom of speech? They are rich in minerals, their soil is fertile and he land is beautiful. HOWEVER, poverty is rampant.

Also look back at Myanmar. They had very good universities and intellectuals before, and the country is still rich with minerals. I was there observing beautiful people and children. But they are just poor and I don't think they will be able to change their life to even get affordable basic primary education. I was depressed almost cried when I saw and play around with the beautiful children and photographed their happy faces even though they have to look for their own food. I have seen this with my own eyes.

We already achieved what we have achieved so far. It is NOT perfect, but we have to admit the fact that we have got some formula right. Please do not underestimate how our Indian, Chinese and Malay forefathers who fought and developed and united this country.

i am very scared if we fail to realize this because the price that we have to pay is way too expensive than what we can even imagine.

Having said that, it is true non of my family members have been or are affected by ISA. I am sorry if any of your family member is / was affected by it.