Friday, August 07, 2009

22km of HELL

Due to peer pressure, I registered for Adidas King of the Road run in Shah Alam. Thanks to BB!

After my World Rainforest Music Festival in Kuching my workload increased tremendously. At the same time, social obligations – dinners and parties invitations keep on pouring in. They all ate my fitness and training time.

I have not done 22km in my life before this.

Since BB “forced” me to register, he even picked me up at 5.15am to run this marathon.

I barely completed the run. When I arrived, van MILO pun dah tutup kedai. I didn’t even get the medals, only paper certificate.

I was ill prepared and the run was really painful. I am glad I completed it nevertheless and still suffering – limping.

Just another day, my feet should be ok, soon.

Next: Singapore (half) Marathon. (I hope)


MBA said...

ChoratChoret: I think u r fit enough to do it. Congrats on the run. Its not about the timing but the courage to do it. We all run our own race. The race ends but not the running spirit. U did well and thats a BIG achievement.

pretty said...

are you sure kena 'forced'???

hmmmmm heard about that day....i think the trick is to not OVER-warm up la before the actual race ;-)

shemeq said...

You inspire me, in many ways.

Kena forced, but very subtle.

MBA said...

Haha. Kena force ke? Kesian dia..but u know u've accomplished another one checkbox in your life...amongst many others.

You are your own inspiration too...and other one to come by Dec. Cepat register.