Saturday, January 31, 2009

pix: a young monk attending free basic education provided by local monastery.
Very few Burmese can even afford basic child education.

Yolly oh Yolly

I have not gone to the office for almost a week.

A part from Chinese New Year holidays, I have not been well – cold, flu, sore throat – the lot!

I am ok, just a bit under the weather. I will be back on tract in a couple of day’s time, as soon as the course of antibiotics is completed.

Yolly came for her weekly house keeping duty.

I didn’t really want to go out while she cleans the apartment even though I could never stand the sound of a vacuum cleaner. So I fell asleep on the day bad in the living room. I probably snored at a major Rector scale too.

The sound of Yolly struggling with the key to get out of the apartment woke me up.

Half awake, I asked her:

Are you done?

Yes Sir.

I couldn’t find my wallet to pay her weekly due.

Sorry Yolly, my purse is in the car (I hope it is), and I am not well (I bet she knew that from my scruffy morning look)

Oh that’s OK sir. Next week lah.

OK, Thanks.

Yolly left the building.

A few minutes later I got an SMS from Yolly:

I was wondering, makcik ni tertinggal barang ke ?

It was pleasant to read…

“get well soon sir”


oh, did I tell you that she also:

unpacks my luggage when I return from my travels

sews my pillow or quilt cover

brought me some snacks from her Christmas holidays in the Philippines.

pix: Segarra, Ancol, Jakarta North

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MBA said...

I wouldn't mind a Yolly but difficult to find one. Ended up, i'm a Yolly myself of you know who!