Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Journey to the Himalayas

The recent trip to the Himalayas was one of the best trips I have ever had. Not only because I get to witness before my very eyes the beauty of God’s creations, but also the company of great friends which nurtured wonderful friendship.

The SEVEN of us became like brothers and sisters. It was a wonderful experience spending time together with the same bunch for 12 days. That to me was an ultimate bonding any form of friendship can ever have.

The best part was, everybody was responsible and highly cooperative. I think our Nepalese guides were very impressed with our attitude. 

And most of all, besides at least 6 hours (every day) of daily trekking up and down the Himalayas for almost a week - we had so much fun and we took great photos of the beautiful surroundings, and us.

Being up in the Himalayas is totally a new experience to me. Its like 2 different extremes. Kathmandu was dense, highly populated and extemely busy with mopeds, taxis (like Kancil), and rickshaws - owh, and the annoying balm and craft sellers. 

Up in the mountains on the other hands are just you and the beautiful landscape, farms, rivers, beautiful waterfalls and forest - and of course the view of a series of snow capped mountains.

I still remember at one point I could se a series of snow capped mountain for the first time in this trip. It was so surreal, I actually cried. It was s o beautiful and I kept on thinking how great God is for such majestic creations.

Nepal is one of those places when you see it for the first time, you straight away think - I wanna come back again, soon. Its like when I went diving to Sipadan.
I keep on reminding our guides, who are locals - “You have a beautiful country” 
They do!

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