Saturday, July 17, 2010

My friend, SR, an art collector.

His family recently organized khatam Quran for her little daughter. She is still in primary school.

For a khatam Quran, the event was quite elaborate.

SR commissioned me to be the official photographer. I had my nephew to assist with his Canon gears. It was great.

It took me quite a while to deliver the hard copy to the family – a series of albums.

They look like this.

I sent the invoice to SR. He was so happy with my work, he added RM500 as bonus. That made my day. Apparently the family love the albums and the photos.

I am happy.

And this how the albums were delivered.

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orange said...

where hv u been?
anyway, always love B&W
the second album...where's everything mono and only highlighted her, will u mind to show the original looks mighty nice.hey am did some B&W shots myself. i've been working on it for months.posted on myblog.pretty difficult to be front & behind cam tho...good to hv ur pixs. back