Monday, July 19, 2010

I recently did food photography for a client (also a good friend - JJ). They sell frozen food – for export market too.

The company is aggressively trying to penetrate international market. They even participate in food conferences and exhibition – international.

The latest one was in New York.

I was commissioned to photograph their products.

So urgent, I even brought my photography work to Kuantan during my weekly business trip and work really late at home.

I ws quite happy with the results – so was my client.

These are some of the them:

JJ sms-ed me from New York: Half of the people who visited his booth during the conference asked about photography rather than the food.....

I guess thats a good sign....


The Fleece Master said...

those pics are marvelous! love it bro.

shemeq said...

Thanks mate. Appreciate your kind words.