Friday, July 09, 2010

My Fav Breakfast Joint

located in Desa Sri Hartamas

Since good Nasi Dagang is kinda hard to come by, for years I have been going to this place in my previous neighborhood for the best porridge in the world.

I can eat the porridge every morning, every morning – as Joey Tribiani would have put it.

I normally just go ans sit on my fav table facing the road, on the pavement. Uncle / Auntie will serve me the porridge. I don't have to ask. They know what I want, all the time.

a team - always

Unfortunately, one day a couple of months ago when I had this crave for auntie and uncle’s chicken porridge, I was told they have already retired. But I just saw them a couple of weeks before that.

I was quite sad, and upset (of course! It was almost my daily staple) because since then I have not found the replacement. Trust me I have tried a few but it just not palatable.

uncle is showing me the secret of his delicious porridge

say NO to MSG

say YES to corn on a cob

Do you know any good porridge place worth trying?

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