Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iki R called for direction to Life Centre, where to park and all. He is one of the friends who treats me like an abang. Ask me what car to buy, what camera or birthday gift appropriate to whoever…

Iki offered me 2 ticket for Zee Avi concert.

I went with E and it was brilliant.

Just brilliant.

We like Zee Avi so much, bought the CD and listen it in the car and at home… almost the whole day.

Check this young 23 years old girl from Sarawak out! She was discovered via You Tube!


orange said...

Mr. M, love that clip
SHe's amazing and talented with those unforgetable sexy-husky-sweet voicey...

how's ur birthday?got any luck;op

orange said...

Mr. M, as you love z's sounds.
u might wanna check out pete yorn & scarjo's.
it worth too.

simply short&sweet.