Monday, January 18, 2010


Why is it always like that?

When you like someone, then that someone doesn’t like you.

And when someone likes you, you pulak yang don’t like that someone.


crushhio said...

sometimes that particular someone that you want the most may not be what you think they ought to be..

give that someone-who-shows-interest-in-you-but-you-dont-feel the-same a chance.. who knows, you may find some hidden quality u are unaware of before but would be appreciative of later..

i know i talk crap..

orange said...

not meant to be then.
till now, am still wondering.
love. is either blind or just plain it better to be with the person who loves you more than you do? heart that matters.
keep lookin Mr. M
will be someone for you.
must be.

talkin crap.aint go wrong with that.

pretty said...

i agree with crushhio.

i think that happens all the time. but i guess its okay. maybe its just not the right time, or the feelings arent there and such.

maybe god says, later, or nope, not this one, the next.

yeah so hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm...................................................

Zaleha Khairene said...

age old question..i ask myself that question every single update this post once you found the answer :) could help save truckloads of tortured souls...

ps-nice blog.i enjoy reading it immensely