Friday, January 29, 2010

How can you spend RM360?

That’s like a buck a day

Nice seafood dinner for 4 people

A pair of good jeans

About 4 weeks of fuel for your car

2 shirts from Granoff (sales sprice)

Return ticket to Jakarta via KLM (if you book early)

Cycling jersey

Or you can contribute to

Diaper & Milk Program


Sinar/Nur Salam,

By donating RM360/year,

Anita Danilla Abid

CIMB Acct no : 1249-0000-342078

provide yr full name & IC no. for tax exemption receipt/purposes.

note: Anita is a good friend, who's husband is also a good friend of mine. they have 2 lovely children Sara and Maya. They love children and been working on such causes for a long time, out of passion....

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